Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial release, ischemic compression, deep friction, deep stripping, and stretching are all methods used to deactivate or release trigger points and restore normal muscle motion and function.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy refers to a number of techniques meant to address dysfunction or limitations in normal muscular functioning. These issues can affect a muscle’s range of motion (as when you experience pain or resistance turning your neck comfortably to one side or another) or spastic tone (when you feel like your muscles are all “knotted up”).

Deep Tissue is not so much about pressure as it is about accessing the muscular tissues underneath those muscles that lie just beneath or superficial to the skin. These techniques are used to force blood flow into adhesions/trigger points/knots to decrease pain and discomfort  caused by overworked muscles and encourage the elimination of metabolic wastes they produced at an accelerated rate.