Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalWhy Laser Hair Removal?

If you’ve struggled for years with unwanted body and facial hair, it may be time to let Carolina Pines Med Spa show you just how easy and affordable laser hair removal can be, so you can ditch your razor forever! Say goodbye to painful ingrown hairs and embarrassing stubble, and forget about wasting money on waxing- just so the hair can grow right back!

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to reduce the amount of terminal hair follicles on any area of the body. Terminal hair is defined by a coarser texture and darker color that make it that much more noticeable. It is important to note that as of yet: peach fuzz or vellus hair, blonde, red, gray or white hair is not treatable using laser hair removal.

Carolina Pines Med Spa offers Laser Hair Removal using one of two lasers, the 755 Alexandrite for light to moderately dark skin, or the 1064 ND-YAG for recently tanned or skin of the darkest tone, both designed for maximum effectiveness and safety.  Our onsite laser also provides a unique cooling spray with each pulse to make every treatment as comfortable as possible.

Treatment sessions are usually spaced between four to six weeks apart with drastic improvement achieved in as few as three to four treatments. Depending on the area(s) being treated, sessions can range in time from just a few minutes to an hour.

We also understand the importance of value, so we consistently and consciously work toward effective treatment protocols that lead to fewer sessions, all the while maintaining client safety and satisfaction.

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Enjoy the freedom of not having to “remember to shave”!