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Our diets are so depleted of nutrition, we’ve even summarized our plight with an acronym: S.A.D. The Standard American Diet is chock full of processed, dead, food-like products that give us less and less when it comes to health value. We’re in the worst shape of our lives, even the healthier ones are riddled with inflammation and the beginnings of hypertension and autoimmune conditions. With all the stressors and pressures our lives are teeming with, what’s a well-meaning workaholic to do? Adding the highest quality organic, fermented whole food supplement on the market to your arsenal is the quickest and easiest way to change the course of your wellness. Akea Essentials is the first fermented whole food supplement, fortified with LIVE probiotic cells, nattozymes, digestive enzymes, and cultured minerals, making it simply bulletproof when it  comes to supplementing your lack-luster daily menu with over 30 organic super foods found in the World’s Longevity Hot Spots. Don’t waste another day succumbing to the Standard American Diet! Order Akea Essentials today!

Akea Essentials Defeats The Standard American Diet
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