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Akea Essentials Blueprint For Life

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Let Carolina Pines Med Spa Director, Juliana Norris, Coach You On Your Journey To Hot Spot Health with Akea Essentials BluePrint For Life!

At Akea our experts have traveled to and extensively researched Longevity Hot Spots, places around the globe where people live long vibrant lives and are virtually free of chronic disease.  We discovered their longevity and overall great health was due to much more than just diet and exercise alone. It’s also about lifestyle. So we identified five principles and created the Akea BluePrint for Life and developed a 60-day lifestyle wellness program called the BluePrint JumpStart – 60 Days to Hot Spot Health.  It’s fun; it’s easy; and best of all, it takes less than 10 minutes a day!When you join the BluePrint JumpStart you will receive Akea Essentials, our organic, fermented and synthetic-free whole food you can mix in your favorite juice or smoothie twice a day. You will also receive daily videos featuring doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts who coach and educate you on ways to incorporate the principles of the Blueprint for Life into your lifestyle. In just 60 Days you will look and feel better, get fit, have more energy and even lose weight…without dieting!You will be supported by The BluePrint For Life online community, a lifestyle and wellness social network where experts and people – just like you – gather to share ideas, inspire and motivate one another. But best of all, members of the community also win weekly prizes like spa visits, iPads, Kindles and even vacation getaways just for sharing personal experiences and successes.So go ahead! Join the JumpStart! But don’t do it alone… When you share the JumpStart with just three friends who join as well, your JumpStart is FREE! You’ll be on your way to looking and feeling better, getting fit, winning prizes and having fun!

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