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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

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Brazilian Laser Hair RemovalThe Bane of Unwanted Hair

Ask any woman what pain-staking task they would rather do without and shaving would most certainly be at the top of the list. Enter laser hair removal!

Even “down there”?

One of the areas most prone to skin irritation is definitely the bikini or groin area. Prepping for a day at the beach via shaving can leave many with itchy red bumps, nicks, stubble, and painful ingrown hairs. And while waxing may slow down the return of hair growth, who wants to go for weeks to allow the hair to grow out long enough for the costly (and painful!) procedure?

So, what’s a girl to do? Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently reduce the amount of terminal hair follicles on any area of the body. It’s even gentle enough for the entire genital area!

Carolina Pines Med Spa offers Laser Hair Removal using one of two lasers, the 755 Alexandrite for light to moderately dark skin, or the 1064 ND-YAG for recently tanned or skin of the darkest tone, both designed for maximum effectiveness and safety.  Our onsite laser also provides a unique cooling spray with each pulse to make every treatment as comfortable as possible.

Treatment sessions are usually spaced between four to six weeks apart with drastic improvement achieved in as few as three to four treatments. Depending on the area(s) being treated, sessions can range in time from just a few minutes to an hour.

Carolina Pines Med Spa is excited to offer the “Till It’s Gone!” Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Package. Enjoy unlimited Brazilian or Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal sessions until it’s gone! Click the “Till It’s Gone” link above and book your appointment to free your skin from the shackles of shaving and waxing!