The BluePrint For Life

Carolina Pines Med Spa is proud to partner with AKEA to bring you The BluePrint For Life, a comprehensive lifestyle plan to help you live your best life yet, right here in the heart of Coastal Carolina!Carolina Pines Med Spa Director and Certified Nutrition Consultant, Juliana Norris, explains The BluePrint For Life and Akea Essentials!

Akea’s experts have traveled to and extensively researched Longevity Hot Spots, places around the globe where people live long vibrant lives and are virtually free of chronic disease. They discovered their longevity and overall great health was due to much more than just diet and exercise alone. It’s also about lifestyle. In identifying the principles common to these areas, the Akea BluePrint for Life was born, giving way to a 60-day lifestyle wellness program called the BluePrint JumpStart – 60 Days to Hot Spot Health.  It’s fun; it’s easy; and best of all, it takes less than 10 minutes a day!

When you join the BluePrint JumpStart you will receive Akea Essentials, our organic, fermented and synthetic-free whole food you can mix in your favorite juice or smoothie twice a day. You will also receive daily videos featuring doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts who coach and educate you on ways to incorporate the principles of the Blueprint for Life into your lifestyle. In just 60 Days you will look and feel better, get fit, have more energy and even lose weight…without dieting!


Nutrition: Great Food Choices Come Naturally in the Hot Spots

Every morning, Okinawans rise to pluck vegetables and fruits from their organic gardens. They eat their garden-fresh produce alongside squares of deliciously prepared fermented tofu.

Sweet potatoes are such an important part of the Okinawan diet that there is even a local greeting, nmu kamatooin, meaning, “Are you getting enough sweet potato?”

Across the globe, Symiots in fishing boats return each day with bounties of seafood caught in pristine Mediterranean waters. The deep-sea delicacies enjoy a place at the daily dinner table, together with olive oil, goat’s cheese, and Greek yogurt.

The long-lived Hunzakuts of Pakistan eat significant amounts of apricots and their kernels, a powerful anti-aging food.

People in the Longevity Hot Spots know that better health and improved longevity come from eating the right foods prepared the right ways.

It doesn’t matter whether the foods are from the garden, the pasture, or the ocean. People in Longevity Hot Spots savor good, simple fare.

  • They practice the art of eating whatever’s fresh and in season. They love the juiciness of a ripe apricot, the crunch of a cucumber, the richness of spices.
  • Theirs is mostly an organic, plant-based diet and their tables are richly colored with produce in reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and dark greens.
  • Other foods may contain added fermentation that deliciously enriches nutrient content. As a result, they eat more whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Yet their food choices are the very same ones available to us in our Western supermarkets! We don’t have to grow them or catch them—we simply have to place them in our carts.

Such superfoods are bursting with the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that give us our vital life force. They affect how we feel, how much energy we have, how well we sleep, work, play.

Movement: All in a Day’s Work in Longevity Hot Spots

Physical exertion is simply part of daily routines in the world’s Longevity Hot Spots. As a result, these people not only live longer, but live better and more healthfully throughout their lifetimes.

The Yao of Bama, China, climb terraces and mountains each day to cultivate the land.

The people of Hojancha, Costa Rica, take pleasure in the physical activity of chores.

Hunzkuts spontaneously break into dance after a full day’s work.

For all of these people—and for you, too—movement is a natural and necessary function. The human body is wholly engineered to move. It thrives on regular activity. Nowhere is this better illustrated than across the world’s hot spots, where activity is a routine factor in daily living. These long-lived inhabitants are extremely fit, thanks to their traditional lifestyles. They haul in fishnets, run after sheep and wild game, climb hills, dig plants. They joyfully participate in games and martial arts. They walk, work, play, and dance. In a word, they move! They achieve ample exercise simply by engaging in life’s daily activities, spending their days in purposeful labor. Indulging in play and leisurely recreation with abandon, they live in communities where gyms and fitness clubs are uncommon and unnecessary.

Purpose: Let it be Your Constant Guide…

There is no word for “retirement” in the Okinawan language.

Like older villagers in other hot spots, Okinawans continue to do what they have always done—tend their gardens, teach classes, help their neighbors, preserve family traditions. They follow their purpose.

Those in Longevity Hot Spots find and pursue their purpose with passion. They often work for the common good, recognizing that even their most basic contributions matter greatly.

The positive relationship among purposeful living, well-being, and enhanced longevity has been demonstrated over and over, in a wide variety of settings.

In a different area of China, the city of Laizhou is dubbed the nation’s Home of Longevity. In late 2008, the city was home to 81 centenarians at an unprecedented ratio of almost 10 per 100,000, and 26,400 elders aged 80 years or more, or 3.1 percent of the total population.

The China National Committee on Aging identified optimism, peacefulness, and a purposeful approach to life as factors behind the long lives of its people. Several years ago, the city of Laizhou launched a social marketing campaign—called the Construction of Piety—to encourage love for parents and respect for the elderly in the region.

Relaxation:  A Guilt-Free Way of Life

There are no beeping, overscheduled smartphones in Campodimele, Italy, known as the Village of Eternal Youth. Only fresh mountain air, plentiful sunshine, and low stress.

When Symis meet to enjoy a classic Mediterranean meal, there’s no rushing. No clock-watching. They’re never concerned about arriving late—or staying long after the plates are cleared. Daily afternoon naps are commonplace.

Across the globe, Okinawans practice the ancient art of daily meditation… focusing on breathing to connect mind, body, and spirit. They make time for healing massages to generate new flows of life’s energy.

Relaxation is crucial to living well. People in Longevity Hot Spots lead busy lives, yet they are stress-free. They recognize the rejuvenating power of rest, respite, and relaxation. A connection to nature plays a central role in every hot spot corner, as does the simplicity of life’s daily rhythms.

Nature is restorative. It offers powerful healing qualities and a welcome way to unwind. Spending time outdoors nourishes our bodies and our souls. So do music, meditation, and moments of quiet prayer.

Connectedness: The Key to True Happiness

We need the right food and drink to be healthy. But there are other things that are just as important—like friendship and a sense of connection with other human beings.

The people of Longevity Hot Spots know that. In their homes, social and family connections are an integral part of healthy living.

  • The Okinawans have a proverb: “One cannot live in this world without the support of others.”
  • In Hojancha, Costa Rica, social networks between the elderly and younger generations are consciously maintained. Older Hojanchans remain socially busy, volunteering and mentoring long into their twilight years.
  • The villagers of Montacute rely on a close-knit community and large, loving families for unconditional support systems. Their village in England is a social space where daily human interaction is fundamental to their happy, healthy lives.

Belonging to social networks—either face-to-face or online—makes us feel cared for and valued, yielding powerful effects on our health.

Whether it’s helping get the grape harvest in, sitting on the doorstep gossiping with passers-by, having an apricot-eating competition, or being there while your granddaughter gives birth to your great-granddaughter, others in the hot spots are always around to share the trivial and the great moments in life.

If someone is ill or upset, someone else is there to hug and comfort them.  If someone doesn’t have enough to eat, another will bring them whatever they have to spare.  Givers and receivers both gain pleasure from their sense of belonging and reciprocity which—if you want to get biochemical about it, brings blood pressure down, boosts endorphin levels, and strengthens immunity.

All of which contribute to long life and well-being.