SatFatRox Radio

SatFatRox Radio


SatFatRox And Other Censored Nutritional Gems

It premiered November 13th, 2013, on 94.1 WNBU Talk Of The Town, in Eastern North Carolina! And now, you can tune in anytime, ANYWHERE, by clicking below or listening through iTunes! It’s the show that teaches you what you’re made of and how to eat right- REALLY right! If ever there was a perfect time to alter the course of your longevity by learning how your body works and how what you eat, think, and do, can help you live exceptionally, that time is NOW!  Certified Nutrition Consultant Juliana Norris is ready to help you catch up on the biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology you slept through- or never took to begin with! Take control of your body, your diet, your wellness- your LIFE!

SatFatRox Radio: Put your thinking caps on and get ready to be liberated!


“Why The Foods We Eat Inflame Us”- Akea’s Ask The Expert Call from August 28th, 2013

Juliana discusses how cooking methods can render the foods we’re eating inflammatory substances.