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Akea Essentials Blueprint For Life

Let Carolina Pines Med Spa Director, Juliana Norris, Coach You On Your Journey To Hot Spot Health with Akea Essentials BluePrint For Life! At Akea our experts have traveled to and extensively researched Longevity Hot Spots, places around the globe where people live long vibrant lives and are virtually free of chronic disease.  We discovered […]

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    Carolina Pines Med Spa is proud to be the first retailer in Onslow County of a phenomenal organic, whole-food supplement. It’s called Akea Essentials and it’s “shaking up” the way we approach beauty from the “inside out”! During our Holistic Nutritional Consults, we’ve always insisted that a high quality probiotic supplement and a […]

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If ever there was a perfect time to change the course of your health, that time is now! Carolina Pines Med Spa and the Akea Blue Print For Life can give you the support and resources you need to feel and look like you never thought possible. The nutritional cornerstone of the Blue Print for […]