Akea Ingredients

Akea Ingredients: True superfoods, real nutritional power!

Your body is a remarkable machine. Akea ingredients help you put the right fuels into it! And when you add whole, local, fresh, unprocessed, chemical-free foods found right in your grocery store—it really begins to run like it should. Give it optimal nutrition and it can prevent illness, protect itself against premature aging, and a slew of degenerative diseases plaguing our society today. Akea has researched the global food market and nature’s gardens to discover which foods provide the healthiest benefits—the foods that are shared across tables in the world’s key Longevity Hot Spots. And now, we’ve shared them with you!


What do we mean by “super”?

The term superfoods gets bandied about a lot these days. It seems each time you turn around there’s a fanfare about another food that’s packed with nutrients and—if you pay a ton of money for it after it has been flown halfway across the world—has the power to transform you instantly to a state of radiant health. Acai berries! Goji berries! Cacao nibs! Spirulina!



In the midst of the hype, it’s important to remember some key points…

  • Individual nutrients work in the context of the food they are in.
  • Foods work in the context of the diet they are part of.
  • Diet works in the context of overall lifestyle.

The Akea ingredients of superfoods described here will benefit you most if you view them as part of an overall plan, like the Akea BluePrint for Life. This is, of course, the way they are used in the Longevity Hot Spots. The idea of everyday superfoods simply means that superfoods can be quite ordinary and easily available—apples, garlic, and tomato paste, for example, are found in the most modest of kitchens.


You can start getting healthier today by learning about superfoods and their nutrients. The goal isn’t to consume them in pharmacologically huge doses. Rather, it’s to learn to enjoy superfoods as part of a daily routine, just as longevity populations do.


Keep these notes in mind:


  • Be practical! Some superfoods will be more within reach than others. If you live near an organic apple orchard, for example, as opposed to a lush valley in remote China, you can choose to eat apples more often than goji berries.
  • Put color on your table! The more vibrant the color of a plant food, the greater the benefits, since the phytochemicals (plant chemicals) are represented by the plant pigment. A table rich with reds, yellows, oranges, blues, purples and dark greens will bring you a wide range of nutrients working in concert to rejuvenate your cells and send vitality coursing through your veins.
  • Go organic where you can.While organic plants don’t necessarily have higher mineral levels, they do have more phytochemicals. That’s because they use phytochemicals to grow strong and protect themselves against bugs. When you eat them, you get the benefits, too.

    Akea Ingredients
    Don’t forget just two scoops of Akea contain the resveratrol content of 28 glasses of red wine! All the benefits, none of the side effects- that’s Akea!